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About the project. More than 20 years Aqua Help on the Russian water supply market. During this period, we have accumulated vast experience, which allows us to solve the most important tasks in the field of research and research of water sources, production and supply of water to consumers of excellent quality, to carry out a comprehensive technical audit and service support of underground water intakes in almost all sectors of the national economy of the Russian Federation.

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Aqua Help

We took the "idea of hidden competencies" as the basis of the website design concept, visually presenting the holding in the form of an iceberg the top of which is visible to everyone. The underwater part, hidden from customers, represents a volume several times larger than the surface one and consists of several companies United in a group.

Project Photo
Project Photo

The style of the site is built on the basis of picturesque landscapes with ponds. The main task is to associate the quality of the final result of the Aqua Help brand with the natural water purification system.

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