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About the project. Tashir is one of the largest real estate construction and development companies in Russia and plays a leading role in the building and development sectors.

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Is the largest diversified federal-level group of industrial and construction companies, operates within key areas of nearly a dozen economic sectors of Russia. Tashir comprises over 200 companies.

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Since its founding in 1999, i.e., for over 18 years, Tashir has progressively increased its industrial capacities and is well on its way towards developing and strengthening its positions within the area of construction and development. In addition, Tashir continues to discover new potential areas for improvement within new industries.

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Brand identity

At the 25th international advertising and design festival LIA 2015 (formerly known as the London International Awards) in Las Vegas, the new corporate identity of Tashir Group, developed in collaboration with FITCH international branding agency, received bronze in the category “Brand Identity”.

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