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The goal is to tell the user about the unforgettable atmosphere of the English pub THE GREENE KING, to introduce the menu of the restaurant, and to please with the novelties of the world's craft beer.

About the pub

HUNGRY FOX PUB is more than just a beer restaurant in Moscow. Our British pub is a real interest club with a unique atmosphere of good old England: richness and restraint of dark wood in the interior; cozy soft furniture of green and chestnut shades, and, of course, the noble taste of British ale.

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Brand identity

The developed concept of the logo for the new restaurant brand accompanies the image of the English restaurant. The distinction of the new format is wood stove pizza, which is prepared in a wood stove.

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Project Photo

In the service section a user can see the program of broadcasts of sports events, choose the time of staying at the pub, and book a table. Do you want a dish prepared by the chef of the restaurant to be delivered to your home or office? All these opportunities are provided to you by the site of the HUNGRY FOX PUB.

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